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Farid Shokrieh
As the world is changing fast, Farid will discuss how the needs of a new global generation are forcing the change within the classic organisational approach.
Farid Shokrieh is the Co-founder of Four Mind, a communications agency which took off as a small start-up in 2008 and has since worked with international corporations like Red Bull, Samsung, Nestle, P&G, and JTI as well as with local businesses and start-ups.

Before co-founding this company, Farid studied and practiced teaching methodologies and worked as an educational advisor and a trainer. He only later understood to what extent this background had shaped his management style, and that as a Managing Director, he essentially never stopped being a teacher.

As the world is changing fast, he discusses how the needs of a new global generation are not fulfilled with the classic organisational culture and bureaucracy, and how methods derived from teaching can bring the drastic changes that need to be applied in future leadership and management.

Like teaching, management is ultimately the job of encouraging, developing, empowering and fostering people to be the best version of themselves. Farid sees leadership as an opportunity to grow the confidence and accountability of everyone in the company. Hence, if we think of businesses more like we think of innovation in education, the mission is to identify every individual's unique talents and to nourish and develop these further.
At the Brave World, I will talk about how my experience as a teacher has changed my leadership style, how I moved away from hierarchy and authority to a shared responsibility, growth and empowerment.
Farid Shokrieh
Co-Founder of Four Mind Advertising Agency,