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Holger Haljand

Building a people-first company that lives for the customer
Holger Haljand is leading consumer business at Telia Eesti, the largest TV & telecom operator in Estonia. Telia's mission is to further develop Estonian society and make it an even better place to live and work in. Holger strongly believes in purpose driven organisations where it is all about people who live for the customer.

Future companies enable it's employees to be entrepreneurs. Leaders are equal parts of diverse teams where everyone wants to serve the customer. In the fast changing world innovation needs to be continuous and one can only excel via diverse, skilled and stable teams who build great ideas together, on top of each other's competence, creating combined knowledge that surpasses individual capabilities.

Leaders need to make sure the environment fosters this kind of growth. They need to inspire through passion for achieveing the common dream.

I embrace the future generation and let them show me the new way!
Holger Haljand
VP Consumer & Marketing at Telia Eesti