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Katz Kiely
Creator of simple solutions to complex challenges.
Serial entrepreneur and Internet pioneer.
An award winning digital pioneer, Katz has driven organisational change for companies like BBC, HP and GSK for over 15 years. Her "people-powered" approach combines open-innovation, co-creation, multi-disciplinary design and networked events. She has led behaviour change projects for some of the world's most complex and risk-averse organisations. A transformation initiative for a UN agency embedded digital ways of working while extending reach by over 10 million and connecting 6,500 world leaders with 10,000 school children: She judges for digital awards (including SXSW), writes for b2b publications, speaks at conferences across the world including TEDx and IBC and is an invited member of Vint Cerf's I4J Global Leadership Forum.

She now heads up a software startup that intends to answer a global challenge: how to drive efficiency, not by replacing talent with technology, but by unleashing human potential.
People are the most expensive asset but 87% of the worldwide workforce is disengaged. Imagine if that potential was unleashed!
Katz Kiely
Founder & CEO of Kiely & Co.