Brave World Conference
May 10 / 2018
Theatre NO99
Tallinn, Estonia

About Brave World conference (BWC)
We match the pressing issues of today with smart solutions for tomorrow. Brave World Conference will give everyone the stage and opportunity to create impact.
This global conference is a brave get together for pioneers, daring entrepreneurs, start-up and corporate talent managers, policy makers, media experts, designers, researchers and ambitious youth to ask important questions, learn from real life experiences across the globe and design solutions to make education, entrepreneurship and leadership fit for tomorrow's needs and aspirations.
BWC is welcoming a wide range of attendees:

We focus on the mindset, values and skills to thrive in the future.
Talent managers

We focus on building cultures and invest in people.
Policy makers

We focus on how to learn and lead in a volatile, complex world.

We focus on the importance of meaning and unlocking potential.
Future of Work
BWC 2018 has two main focus areas
It's impossible to have the one without the other
in a world of turbulent change. Brave World will bring
together the people who are ready to roll up
their sleeves and take action.
Meet the Brave World
You have an opportunity to meet the most diverse list of brave thinkers and doers driving the change.
Kaja Kallas
Member of the European Parliament
Patron, Speaker, Future of Work, Panelist
Ayesha Khanna
CEO & Co-Founder at ADDO AI
Speaker, Future of Work, Panelist
Rob Berkeley MBE
Project Director at BBC
Speaker, Future of Leadership, Moderator
Pranjal Deo
Engineering Program Manager at Google
Speaker, Future of Leadership
Farid Shokrieh
Co-Founder at Four Mind Advertising Agency
Speaker, Future of Leadership
Piret Mürk-Dubout
Chairman of the Management Board & CEO at Tallinn Airport
Speaker, Future of Leadership
Kathleen Naglee
Director & CEO of International School of Estonia
Future of Leadership, Moderator
Holger Haljand
VP Consumer & Marketing at Telia Eesti
Future of Leadership, Panelist
Ragne Maasel
Employer Brand Manager at LHV
Future of Work, Panelist
Ferial Shokrieh
Account Manager at Four Mind Advertising Agency
Future of Leadership, Panelist
Dan Mikkin
Partner at Brand Manual
Future of Work, Panelist, Workshop Lead
More speakers to follow. Stay tuned!
Future starts with you
May 10, 2018 / Thursday
09:00 – 09:30
Opening words & keynote by the Patron of Brave World
Kaja Kallas, Member of the European Parliament, Brussels
09:30 – 10:00
Future of Work talks: Skilling up the next generation
Ayesha Khanna, CEO and Co-Founder ADDO AI, Singapore
Future of Work talks
10:30 – 11:00
Coffee & refreshments
Future of Work panel discussion: Who are the fittest to thrive? Moderated by Rob Berkeley
Rob Berkeley, Project Director, BBC, London
12:00 – 12:30
Future of Leadership talks: What happens when a teacher runs a company?
Farid Shokrieh, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Four Mind Advertising Agency, Tehran
12:30 – 13:00
Future of Leadership talks: Can we be too diverse?
Rob Berkeley, Program Director at BBC, London
13:00 – 14:00
Lunch break
14:00 – 15:00
Future of Leadership panel discussion: Power to the people? Moderated by Kathleen Naglee
Kathleen Naglee, Director & CEO of International School of Estonia, Tallinn
15:00 -17:00
Parallel workshop sessions & wrap up
17:00 -18:00

Brave World Conference Pass
€99 until April 30!

Brave World Conference Pass includes access to the full-day program, workshops and networking.
May 10, 2018 / Theatre NO99 / Tallinn, Estonia
Brave World is superpowered by
Theatre NO99
Sakala 3, Tallinn, Estonia

Theatre NO99 is a theatre,
but it is also much more.
Theatre NO99 is public space. In a globalising and atomising world, there are ever fewer places that belong to everyone and which would bring together people who do not know each other already in advance. Places that would unite society.
in partnership with BBC / London

Brave World will take a leap into the future with diverse leaders on board and compelling stories previously untold.

Invitation and Executive Pass only.