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Pranjal Deo
Advocate of growth mindset and Engineering Program Manager at Google, Silicon Valley
Pranjal Deo is an Engineering Program Manager at Google, based out of San Francisco, CA. Her current focus area is leading mobile infrastructure site reliability engineering projects spanning the globe. Her team is responsible for Google Search app and Google Play Services reliability. She also leads many organisation-wide projects with a focus on positive impact for the community.

Pranjal spent most of her student life in India and graduated as an Electronics & Telecommunications engineer. After moving to Silicon Valley in 2011, she worked at Brightidea Inc., where her leadership journey began. Some key highlights of her 5 year tenure include: software engineering, DevOps, test automation, project management, managing offshore teams, recruiting, etc. She also worked as a Bollywood dance instructor and performer for a couple of years. :)

An advocate of the growth mindset, Pranjal firmly believes that one's leadership journey is a symbiotic relationship between those who have the power to influence and those who want to take that next step to evolve. How opportunities are presented, identified and then made use of, has the potential to change people's lives, her journey being an example.

At the Brave World Conference, Pranjal will talk about the impact of a blameless postmortem culture and dispel the myth that a blameless postmortem culture is only implementable at Google scale or is only applicable to deep technical problems. Her experience shows that a truly blameless postmortem culture makes systems more reliable, prevents reoccurrence of errors, encourages people to embrace risk, accept failures and learn from it. As long as one understands the basic framework, it can be used for personal growth, growth of others, encouraging accountability, sharing knowledge & best practices, and documenting it for the long term, so others can learn from it. How to introduce such a culture and what it can do for your organisation? Let's find out.

At the Brave World, I will talk about Google's "blameless post-mortem" culture: Learning from failure.
Pranjal Deo
Engineering Program Manager at Google
Silicon Valley