brave speaker on board
Ragne Maasel

Advocate for innovative workplaces and forward-looking cultures
Ragne Maasel is the Employer Brand Manager of LHV. She has 10 years of experience in marketing and during these years has mostly worked as a consultant for startups in various European countries. She got interested in employer branding and the future of work even before starting her career as a marketer. When realising no company she encountered in application rounds early on in her career could really offer her the kind of lifestyle she wanted to live, she had to make a bold move. As a silent advocate for innovative workplaces and forward-looking work cultures, she is now making her voice heard in one of the most desirable employers in Estonia and helping them attract even more talent.

At the Brave World, I will talk about what the talent really wants.
Ragne Maasel
Employer Brand Manager at LHV